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[Strategy and video format] Best practices for getting a step ahead

Best practices to capitalize on your videos

To take a step ahead, you can:

– Create your own channels to make an appointment and offer many other contents to your audiences and organize them as a media with your HR channel, your innovation channel and especially your marketing channel; you can even decide to organize your contents by country as some major banking and insurance companies do.

– Host your videos on YouTube to facilitate content sharing and virality or choose other hosting and distribution platforms for sensitive content and internal use;

– Create call-to-action to redirect your site or at least put interactivity in your media to make the user want to know more about you.

Three points to be put in place before video creation

Step 1: Create a brief that is as detailed as possible and explains the creative, offbeat, atypical and even humorous side of your video, leaving as few grey areas as possible in your briefing so as not to create too many expectations between what you formalize and what is achieved.

Step 2: The 2nd good practice is then to ask yourself what format is best suited to your communication objective. Depending on this objective, you must source the best videos, from competitors but also from other sectors. This is, moreover, one of the ambitions of these white papers devoted to the professions.

Step 3: After having identified a short list of two or three videos, draw the strong points: duration/ intro/ outro/ way of dressing the captures/ shots selected to film/ writing the scripts… In short, the ideal is to find one or more reference videos to adapt its communication objective and video charter (see our white paper on motion design).

Release new video formats for network animation

Excluding head offices, the banking and insurance sector takes the form of local services provided by the branches. The challenge is to run either a proprietary network or one structured by independent agents in the same way as a franchise network.

In your commercial activity you also have to market complex or white label products. We are thinking here, among other things, of pocket products or affinity insurances that require a training system so that your sales forces can appropriate these new products.

The issue of transparency is also a major issue. Explain the T&Cs, the stakes of a particular product, carry out prevention… Your sector needs to continuously inform your customers of these various stakes.

These animation issues are therefore numerous and are reflected in the following communication objectives:

– Communicate on sales and marketing training materials;

– Develop, disseminate and adapt the national message: display and presentation material;

– Develop new pre-sales and after-sales tools;

– Optimize customer relationship/unblock call centers/remove irritants by providing valuable content;

First example. You all know the Cherry of the famous insurance brand. Here is an example of videos where you humanize your know-how by having your brand embodied by an “iconic” person who has been embodied by several actresses. It is up to you to decide whether you choose an actor (Groupama’s choice), an employee (Carglass’ choice for his ads, for example) or a personality (as we describe it with Allianz, below in this article).

Developed in web series, Cerise embodies Groupama’s voice on formats not exceeding 3 minutes and discusses the challenges of a product marketed by the insurer. The format is legible and clear. The interview is just punctuated by a few key words for the presentation and subtitles. The main shot is made with a short focal length to allow this feeling of blur between the interviewee and the background, a particularly effective procedure when you are not satisfied with the set or shot you had planned.

Ensure your digital transformation both internally and externally with video

Digital transformation leads to the adoption of new tools by customers and employees. It involves making a client autonomous to talk to a chatbot or navigate easily on your site, or your new application.

For example, Société Générale Maroc has developed an open service 24/7 without an agent. This new concept requires the development of a number of communication tools for clients to carry out their procedures on their own. In France, the same is true when the bank with the black and red logo launches its new application. And on this subject, it is better to use a digital communication medium to support the transformation of your company:

These video supports that evangelize on new digital projects can serve your employees and customers at the same time. This is the case, for example, of the Ask artificial intelligence platform, which meets the needs of agents to optimize customer relations and also provides a service to customers.

Recruit talent in a different way… and give meaning to their missions

– Explaining the professions from the inside through immersive or at least explanatory videos in everyday tasks is an employer brand objective that is translated into video for many players in the sector.

The first example is Allianz France, which has 16,400 subscribers. The insurer has developed a Youtube channel on its page called Allianz Recrute. The idea is to make professional portraits. The video, which lasts 2 to 3 minutes, takes up the typical day of an employee in the form of a face-to-face interview with illustrations that concretely show an employee’s daily life.

– The employer brand is obviously not limited to the presentation of the company’s business activities. It also concerns onboarding. The idea is to give in a limited series of videos the internal processes of the company and to make the corporate culture understood.

Here is a video of a few minutes of event type that comes back via interviews on the first impressions of newcomers to Allianz. The idea is to show the team building, the diversity of talents and professions while developing the company’s HR culture. The format lasts a few minutes and results in a new video every year!

The objective may be to present the company’s DNA and HR culture as in this CNP Assurances video:

Create inspirational and viral video content to develop your top of mind notoriety

As banking and insurance professionals, you support a large number of project leaders on a daily basis. Here lies your gold mine of inspirational content. Your BtoB customers can be associations that support a worthy cause. It can also be a student, a professional in reconversion, a serial entrepreneur who decide to change their life to develop their project, their passion. The big advantage of this format is to deliver original, authentic content and to focus on concrete customer issues.

For this type of system, CNP Assurances has chosen to produce reports with the documentary filmmaker and animators, Olivier Delacroix. The idea: create a 3-minute report, with a recurrence on the format and frequency of broadcast to address a client’s project. The report and interview are discreetly connected. And if the quality of the video is there, the title challenges the audience in a very BtoC way: example: “Audrey has created an app that makes life easier for thousands of people” has almost 4 million views, “Jean-François is fighting to save his village from the medical desert” has 2.7 million views, “At 20, Vincent invented an app that revolutionizes online donation” has 2.5 million views. Ultra-viral content as you can see!

Video marketing: trends to be followed for 2019

Here are in 7 points, the main trends to work on the subject of video marketing in 2019.

#1 Video and the tools to produce it are within everyone’s reach

Video has become more democratic. Everyone creates them almost every day, and filming with a smartphone is no longer considered cheap. This is evidenced by the example of Steven Soderbergh, director of Ocean’s Eleven or Erin Brockovich who chose to shoot his latest film only on iPhone. Producing quality video is within everyone’s reach and is no longer the only privilege of large groups.

A person spends an average of 45 minutes a day watching online videos on their smartphone

#2 Internet buries the TV and the square format is essential

The TV may turn to dust in 2019. Laura Varon resumes a study on television and online consumption. Here are the highlights:

  • A person spends an average of 45 minutes a day watching online videos on their smartphone;
  • The Internet will catch up with television on viewing time per person in 2019;
  • On Facebook, square format videos are 78% more likely to occupy the “News” section and cause the highest engagement, all types of formats combined.

#3 360° videos and virtual reality are on the rise

Virtual reality and 360° videos are developing. The objective is to offer users, even from their sofas, a more immersive or even three-dimensional experience via video. These types of videos are particularly useful tools for professionals in tourism, luxury or real estate. The evocative and projection power of video is optimally exploited here. This type of video also serves to eliminate the deceptive effect that can result from the gap between the marketing discourse and the product/service in reality. In other words, with the video, there is no longer any customer disappointment of the type: “it doesn’t look like the brochure…”

# 4 Decreasing costs

Reducing expenses no longer means sacrificing the quality of content. The democratization of smartphones and video creation solutions means that today we can avoid spending astronomical amounts of money on professional rendering. Above all, the emergence of SaaS tools now makes it easier to create and distribute videos with much lower costs than those announced by studios and production agencies.

81% of companies in 2018 recognize the benefits of using video marketing

#6 Vary the pleasures in video

The uses of video should not be limited to marketing.

Invitation or celebration video, tutorials, Mooc… the video can fulfill other missions outside the perimeter of the marketing pole.

For the training part, moreover, the video makes it possible to train with an impacting and didactic format. Above all, it is a tool that allows more people to be trained at different times and based in different places. In short, there are no borders or time constraints with video.

# Live streaming is a hit

New technological building blocks have enriched the user experience on social networks. And among these, live streaming is a popular video format.

Snapchat opened the ball rolling. Instagram launched its live streaming in early 2018. Facebook Live’s broadcasts have doubled every year since its launch in 2016. And 13% of web traffic comes from live video. It is also a cost-effective solution because live broadcasting eliminates the need for production and editing. The video then remains on the platform, ready to be shared and republished.

# 7 Staff yourself to be creative

It only takes one motivated user to get your message out to millions of consumers around the world. Just one. This is the potential of video marketing through social networks. But many competitors are in the same click race as you. Although production is more accessible than ever, it will always take creativity, skills and knowledge of human psychology to launch a truly successful campaign.

The statistics to remember

According to a study taken up by Voicebunny: 81% of companies in 2018 recognise the benefits of using video marketing. More specifically, video content is an essential tool to support sales. Only 63% of them supported the idea in 2017.